Jane Gingles

I remember Thanksgivings when we gave ’Thanks’ for the many blessings we received in our lives! I remember Thanksgivings when we over ate so badly that we nearly made ourselves ill! I remember Thanksgivings when there was snow so deep that as a small child it almost covered me! I remember Thanksgivings when  all the relatives could hardly wait to see the same family members they had just seen the prior Sunday! I remember Thanksgivings when the traditional meat had been shot in the wild!  I even remember Thanksgivings when my mother struggled to remove all the pin feathers from that unfortunate bird! I remember many, many years of Thanksgivings that remind me of how much love our families shared  whenever we were together. 

My “Windmill Memories” whirl as unending as those windmills on many farms in earlier years were pumping life-saving water as now the huge wind-turbines are spinning to help create the necessary electrical power we use. How often do we really think about all the Thanksgivings in between those two inventions using our Kansas wind? Do we tell the fun stories of many years to our younger generations?  And even talk of what made Thanksgiving such an important day to our memory before parades and football games filled the day?  What is important to you to build into the memories of a grandchild or a great-grandchild?