Jane Gingles

 With the warm spring weather arriving, I am trying to remember when we first became a camping family. None of the adult children who might have remembered are any help to my memory. Most of us believe it was after we moved to 7th and Blunt and it does coordinate with the other facts of our lives.

 Our initial camping was primitive to say the least! We started with our 1959 Green Ford station wagon, a large plastic mattress cover and 2 canvas fold up cots. Those cots were placed under the tailgate of the station wagon for Jeanette and Darrell, LeRoy and I slept on a 2-inch thick foam pad in the back with Doug at our feet and David in the front seat. The plastic was attached somehow to the raised tailgate and hooked to the ground as protection in case it rained.  Our heads were close above the two sleeping under the back of the vehicle so that I could hear if there was any animal or noise during the night.