Homecoming took place on Friday, September 17th. Throughout the week, students dressed up  for spirit week, decorated spirit statues, and participated in various events. On Thursday, September 16th there was a car smash and bonfire. The following day included a parade, pep rally, the homecoming game, and the dance. Homecoming Queen Tegan Stratton and King Ryan Benfer were crowned during halftime. The Tigers lost a close game to the Wamego Raiders in triple overtime, the final score was 41-47. 

The Homecoming dance took place after the game. The dance was outdoors behind the weight room and had a casual dress code and neon theme. Here are some students’ thoughts about the dance: 

Q: What was your favorite part of the dance?

-Senior Maggie Sleichter: “I enjoyed the people” 

-Junior Megan Wright: “the dancing and the singing”

Q: How did you like the dance being outside?

-Freshman Tovah Catlin: “it was good, not as cramped” 

-Sophomore Justin wright: “I liked it because of the weather”

Q: How do you like the theme?

-Sophomore Kiara Meadows: “it was cool”

-Junior Megan Wright: “I liked the fact that people could actually dress up”

Q: What was your favorite part of the night?

-Sophomore Kiara Meadows: “I liked being asked to the dance and being around the people I love”

-Sophomore Kara Floersch: “the line dances”