Dear Editor,

This letter is an appeal to all alumni of Clay Center Community High School.

As officers of the CCCHS Junior class, we are reaching out to you to ask for your help!

As you are well aware the Covid 19 virus has created many challenges for all of us. For those of us at CCCHS, we are continuing to work hard at school while wearing our masks and staying six feet apart, but many of our activities have been cancelled or dramatically modified. In fact, last spring we were forced to cancel our prom.

That is why we are asking for your help. We are determined to hold our prom this spring! However, many of our traditional methods of fundraising, such as community dinners and direct sales, have been prohibited due to the virus. So we are asking you to help us make our prom happen.

We have developed a budget and calculated that the actual cost of sending one junior or senior to prom is about $40.00. We ask that you kindly consider writing a check for $120.00 to the CCCHS Class of 2022 to cover the cost of three students attending prom. If that amount is not possible, we would be very grateful for any support you could offer. By sending your check by December 25th, you will help us to be able to make all the plans needed for a wonderful prom. Any residual funds will be put toward our class gift to the school and next year’s prom.

Please send your donation to: 

CCCHS Class of 2022

1630 Ninth Street

Clay Center, Kansas 67432

With gratitude,

Simon Lee, Class Treasurer

Lane Musselman, Class President