Oh boy, another episode of the "Republican vs. Democrat" show! You can cut the tension with a knife!

Who will win? Those tax and spend, tree huggin' Democrats? Or those tax break givin', oil drillin' Republicans?

Take a look at where our country and state is right now, and you see the result of the Republican vs. Democrat show: a middle class sinking deeper into poverty, a national debt that boggles the mind (courtesy of the Federal Reserve), and so many simultaneous wars in the Middle East I can't even remember them all.

The problem in Washington, D.C. is similar to the problem in Topeka: the people we elect to represent us do not write (or read) the bills they vote on! Corporations do. Now, I don't have anything personal against corporations, except for one little problem: they're not human. Kinda creepy when you think about it.

Dr. Ron Paul, who should have won the Republican nomination, was equally hated by most Democrats and Republicans in D.C. Obviously, he was doing something right!

The closest thing to Ron Paul we have in Kansas is Philip "Skip" Breitmeyer, the Libertarian candidate for State Representative in the new District 64 that Clay Center is part of. He is not part of the "count my bribes and push the red or green button" club in Topeka. He is a real person.

It's time to cancel the Republican vs. Democrat show and try something new. Please vote for "Skip" Breitmeyer on November 6th.

Tyler Feeney

Chandler, Arizona