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As a result of the generous support of businessmen and businesswomen of Clay Center, I am able to bring to the Piotique celebration a highly talented group of musicians that will provide some great entertainment on the courthouse square.

I am still amazed by people who question whether Pat Roberts is still a Kansan. I worked for him for four years in C.C. while he represented the First Congressional District. Pat picked an office staff representing several parts of the district. I was from Clay Center, Kathy was from Scott C…

Editor: In a recent Dispatch article an individual was quoted as stating that some people would want to hang on to Unruh Stadium for “sentimental” reasons.  Since that reason is apparently now off limits, I will instead appeal to logic.

This past year, The Dispatch has provided a great deal of consternation for the district. Biased reporting, personal relationships, and incorrect information have complicated topics such as teacher tenure, staff dismissal, budget/taxes, administrative reconfiguration, and most recently facilities.

After reading the letter in the Dispatch by Gary Gurney on “Don’t be fooled by the water park pool,” I felt an answer was needed. I will not question his figures, right or wrong, the issue is, is this the right or wrong time to build a new pool.

Here are some recent letters on the proposed new municipal pool tax as appeared in the print editions of the Clay Center Dispatch:


Clay Center is a great small town. I know I will get a lot of arguments on that statement. Look around. We have a great school system, a medical facility that is second to none.

I am writing in response to the $936.37 late fee charged to the county for a bill that was received after the due date. I am very disappointed in and upset with the Public Utility Commission, the City Council and the Mayor. This should have never been an issue and I cannot see any good outcome from this. And as a taxpayer, I applaud the County Commissioners for trying to recoup our tax dollars that had to be used on a very unneccessary and uncalled for expense.

Take a look at where our country and state is right now, and you see the result of the Republican vs. Democrat show: a middle class sinking deeper into poverty, a national debt that boggles the mind (courtesy of the Federal Reserve), and so many simultaneous wars in the Middle East I can't even remember them all.

Editor: I am not a politcal person, and have not even begun to decide who I would want to vote for, so I come to this with an open mind.  Here is my response to the Associated Press article published in your Saver edition February 21, 2012:

Kris Kobach has achieved his fame by asserting that illegal immmigrants are gaining elibility to vote in numbers that threaten our election results. Really? If you were in this country illegally, would you risk exposure to jail and deportation in order to register to vote?

"It truly warms my heart to see those with limited time remaining feel and exhibit such comfort and ease under the passion of hospice and its people."

Kansas...is preparing to implement cuts to mental health grant funding for the fourth consecutive fiscal year while community mental health centers such as Pawnee Mental Health Services are experiencing an increase in the demand for services.

Finally some good news. The local EDG group and various community leaders are moving forward and have hired someone with experience and a proven track record to work on our behalf as taxpayers!

During this campaign for County Attorney, I have been asked by several people about an incident in a school setting, where the citizens believed a kid had drugs in the school. The people wondered why the kid wasn't punished, and punished hard.

The Clay Center 14 s won the State Class B State Tournament which gives them the right to compete in the Class B National Tournament in California.

"As I looked around the church and later at the cemetery, I was struck by the diversity of the people who took time to pay their respects to Bill. They brought to mind something I admired in Bill's character; he really never met anybody he couldn't relate to."