On August 25 eleven ladies played a Scotch golf scramble.  The team of Ginger Walker, Reta Savener, Diane Lykins, & Lorrie Lloyd carded the lowest score.  The same team won the chipping contest.  Eleven women ate lunch.  Nancy Ryan is in charge on August 1 with the special being the most…

At Monday’s school board meeting, several school board members told administrators and coaches they have their full support for whatever they decide they should do in scheduling extra-curricular activities.

We know you’ve heard it before, and we know you probably roll your eyes every time you hear it. But now, more than ever, it’s important to shop local.

No Stardusters. No That’s Entertainment! No Spring sports or activities. Little to  no recognition of other honors like the academic letters presentation ceremony. There is so much that hasn’t taken place this Spring.

The last six weeks at The Dispatch have been pretty lonely, as most people have stayed home while restrictions have been in place because of the coronavirus.

At a recent council meeting, Clay Center Mayor Jimmy Thatcher said something that desperately needed to be said, and we commend him for having the courage to say it.

How candidates running for the US Senate are handling the coronavirus to score political point during their campaigns are a real eye opener to what kind of person they are.

While most of us have to stay home during this corona virus crisis, or at least work as much from home as we can; let us take a moment to appreciate all those who don’t have that option -- those businesses, employers and workers who continue to operate as either “essential businesses” or per…

This week Gov. Laura Kelly took steps Tuesday to address a flood of calls to the state labor office by making it easier for Kansans to receive unemployment benefits as the number of coronavirus cases in the state continued to grow.

Recently The Dispatch has received pressure from members of the public to release or seek out the name or other identifying information about the first person in Clay County to test positive for the coronavirus.

With eight confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Kansas -- three more added this weekend -- and more expected this week as the virus continues to spread, we want our readers to remember one thing, if they remember nothing else.

The similarity between the name of Corona beer  to the deadly coronavirus is causing some confusion, with some people wondering if the virus is caused by the beer.

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Now in their second year of re-design, USD-379 schools are  now making changes to prototypes that have been tried out and are “pivoting” on those successes. They’ll soon launch those prototypes and pivots as permanent changes.

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Last week we had a reader come in and complain that celebrating Presidents Day in February instead of George Washington’s birthday and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday diminishes those two men’s accomplishments.  The holiday has been revamped to celebrate all presidents, not just those two men.

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Yesterday the National Weather Service (NWS) reported those affected by flooding in the Missouri River will face an above-average risk for flooding this spring, which will impact decisions here.