Jane Gingles

The signs of spring arriving bring an artificial burst of energy to this flower lover.  There are illusions of grandeur when imagining what explosions of beauty will happen in my yard.  Then it is remembered how many hours of pulling water grass and weeds were necessary just to keep ahead of those pests last summer.

Let me list my special flower beds:  The ‘Honeysuckle/Columbine’ where the Hummingbird feeders are hung and a new rock garden sits along the side;  The ‘Children’s Fun Place’ where replicas of a daughter and three sons watch as the water fountain gurgles it’s relaxing sounds;  The ‘Betty Garden’ planted in memory of a daughter-in-law who fought a brave battle against the big “C” and lost too soon in life (it has many of her favorite day lilies); The ‘Daisy Flower Bed’ with its Patriotic corner patch – all on the East side of my home - full of color to tempt “Hummers” and where the Orioles, House Finches, and Cat Birds enjoy their grape jelly all summer.