Jane Gingles

My mother’s sisters have been mentioned in my columns because they were an important part of my part living on a Kansas farm during the Great Depression years. It is time for a short paragraph of family history.

Mother’s great, great, great grandfather John Nicholas Wolff came from Germany to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and was a veteran of the Third Inter-Colonial War in 1746; his son John N. was a veteran of the War of the Revolution (his general number is registered in the National Society of the Sons of the Revolution in Washington, D.C.);  followed by Jacob, then Abraham and my mother’s father Jacob Idenire Wolff.  While serving in the Civil War (Fourth Iowa Calvary 1861-1865), he was “credited with preventing the burning of the bridge in action at Columbus, Georgia, April 16, 1865, by striking down one of enemy who was trying to fire it during the struggle for its possession” when the Federals captured Columbus at the end of the Civil War. (History lesson finished).