Note: This report is generated through the Hometown Welcome Wagon report generated on a monthly basis. New residents receive a package of coupons and gifts from local merchants, including a 30-day subscription to The Dispatch.

Miguel and Courtney Rodney

These newcomers are from Junction City. Miguel is a nurse working at Stoneybrook Center Manhattan. Courtney works in Manhattan for a credit union. They’re a young, married couple very excited to move into their own home and living in a quiet community

Michael and Gypsy Dotterer

These newcomers moved here from Lincoln.

Michael is an appliance man for Menard’s. Gypsy is a stay-at-home mom and is home-schooling her children.

They have four children -- ages 13,11, 10 and 7. They have acquired goats, ducks, chickens and other pets just since moving. They have a large garden and beautiful flowers.

Austin and Rebecca Sutton

These newcomers moved here from Missouri.

Austin plans to work again in law enforcement and as a mechanic. He has a dog trained in police work, speaking commands in German and English. Rebecca is a loan officer working out of Manhattan.

She has been working from home soon will be working in the main office in Manhattan They have two children, ages 13 and 14.

Al and Jo Hutson

These newcomers moved here from Taos, N.M.

Al is a retired electrical engineer and has three grown sons living is Kansas. Jo is an artist. She paints and makes jewelry. They have been working on their yard and have done some beautiful landscaping.

Debbie Delvalle

This newcomer moved here from North Carolina. Debbie was in the military. She is now working at Ray’s Apple Market. She has a son, 7, living with her. She has two daughters living in North Carolina. She moved here to be closer to her sister, Stacey.

Girl Oaklynn born to Justin, Paige Lorenson

Justin is a salesperson at Team Friesen. Paige is a stay-at-home mom. Oaklynn has a three-year-old brother, Hudson.