Are your family members being good citizens this month?

When you leave home for essential supplies are you organized so that you only need to make one trip this week?

Is one family member making that trip instead of the whole family?

STAY AT HOME means, just that.

Understanding the purpose of all of this will help you make good decisions.

This disease is very easily transmitted between people and can live on common surfaces for hours, even days... By staying away from other people and minimizing contact with people and things you will be safer and the disease transmission will reduce throughout the community.

Minimize NECESSARY trips.

Limit time in stores. Go in, get what is on your list, pay for your supplies and leave. Be sure to wash your hands as soon as possible after the trip.

Only one person from your household should make the trip if at all possible.

Under this order you can leave your home, you are not a prisoner.

You can take a family walk or go to the park as a family.

You should NOT meet up with other groups of people from other households at the park for a play date or invite friends in for a barbecue. That defeats the purpose of the Stay At Home process.

Keep kids away from and off of community playground equipment and keep at least a 6 foot distance between people - all people - even little people - that are not members of your immediate household.

If more than 10 people end up in the same place, move away from that pack of folks.

The nation has been turned upside down by this public health emergency. It will take a nation of good citizens to break this disease transmission chain and slow it down.

The sooner that happens, the sooner we can establish our new normal lives.

Please help. Teach your kids that being a good citizen matters and is important. Give them the good example of your family following the intent of the Stay At Home situation, regardless of what other people may be doing.

We will get there. We don’t know when, we just know we will.

-- Clay Co. Emergency Manager Pam Kemp