Clay County Emergency Management received reports from a neighboring county that their residents were reporting that they received phone calls from people telling them they were with the federal government and they needed to have bank account numbers in order to deposit the money promised by the president.

That is a scam. No legislation has been passed (as of today) that authorizes distribution of money and if that were to occur, you will not receive a phone call about it.

Other counties have reported that people shopping in local stores were stopped by individuals stating they were “with the government” and demanded to see an ID. These people were not in uniform, did not have a visible badge. That is a scam and that is also illegal. If that happens, move away from the individual and report it to the manager immediately. If you feel threatened, scream for help and call 911.

Those kind of people suck up a lot of our positive energy don’t they? Stay calm, think before you act or react. If it does not seem right call for help.

And never give your banking or personal information to someone that calls you asking for it. Legitimate officials and businesses will never do that.

-- Clay County Emergency Manager Pam Kemp