The dogs are in big trouble —while we up up at my parents house, they got into Halloween candy intended for my nieces and nephew.

We’re not exactly certain who was responsible, but we know it wasn’t any of the little dogs, as they were all upstairs when it all went down. They candy the four big dogs got into was on the kitchen table— which should have been high enough for the big dogs to leave alone — and out of reach of the two Shih Tzus, mini-Yorkie or the Jack Russell Pete.

The boxer Val was probably responsible — as she can never seem to help herself around food, especially when it’s left right on the edge of the table. But Chester, whom I’ve caught on top of the counter eating chicken bones, too could have been the guilty culprit. Both Val and Chester acted like the guilty party— both of them kissing up when we came down in the morning.

But we can’t completely discount The big lug Arbuckle, who could gotten to it easily and is usually the first one around wanting to be fed when it’s time to eat. Even the old Pitbull Sunny has been known to steal a tasty tray off the table when it suits her and no one is looking. Candy that turned Val’s tongue bright red gave her away.

One of them probably knocked the container candy off the table, but I have no doubt they all had a hand on spreading it around. They scattered peanuts, gumballs, candy corn and assorted other candies all of three rooms by the time they had been caught.

But apparently they were full or they didn’t care for it because they didn’t hardly any of it. Mixed with dirt and dog hair, none of it could be salvaged, however.

As many gifts containing food that the dogs have gotten into, you’d think we would learn. But who could have guessed that Val has a taste for gumballs?