All it takes to turn the world upside-down is a cute six-week-old Shih Tzu puppy.

Now dogs that used to be very ornery are now on their best behavior and the dogs that are usually good are a little growly.

Mom called her new puppy her “Mother’s Day gift,” and if it is, I’m guessing it’s a gift she bought herself -- because the whole rest of the family is convinced my parents have too many dogs -- Dad included. But I know better than to correct the crazy old lady.

Nonetheless, the new puppy Gemma has already found her way into our hearts. She squeaks when no one is holding her so someone will pick her up. She bites Isaac’s feet so he puts on his shoes. She can fall asleep anywhere -- on the top of couch, at your feet, on a dashboard, in the laundry basket -- almost always in your way.

For some reason she’s taken to Isaac. She spent most of the weekend we were up at my parents house on his lap. That could just be because he was the only one in the house without a dog on their lap.

Having a new puppy of course made the boxer Val and my Shih Tzu Leonard extremely jealous because someone else was getting all the attention. Leonard kept hopping on my lap every time the puppy wasn’t there and Val pulled out all the stops. Not only did she give us the sad eyes - she also nudged our legs with her chin or lick our arms so we knew she was there.

I had to keep reassuring them that we still love the pains in the butt.

The other dogs weren’t too thrilled to have a new puppy either. But you can’t blame them. Neither the mutt Arbuckle nor the old pit bull Sunny knew what to do with the bouncy ball of fluff that’s about the size of one of their paws. The mini-Yorkie Bella and the Jack Russell Pete weren’t exactly thrilled to have competition.

The old dog Chester probably liked her the least. But he has good reason for growling at her. He was snoozing in a dog bed minding his own business when he was pounced on by a cute a ball of fur for no reason. Never mind that the new dog bed was probably bought for the puppy, he was there first!

Gemma learned real quick you don’t mess with the old dog.

But I’m sure Chester will come around. He always does. He didn’t like Leonard or Val at first either, but now I think he’d be lost without them.

And truth be told, we’d probably all be lost without the rest of the dogs too.