I wanted to carry the flag in the Piotique parade.

I went to Jim, the person in charge of carrying the flag at the head of the Piotique parade.

He said I could but it was a long walk to carry the flag all the way in the parade. I asked if I could carry it for the last two blocks of the parade.

At the city hall I stopped the parade and Jim gave me the flag with the shoulder strap to continue carrying the flag.

As I held the flag high and straight, we turned the corner onto 5th Street. Everyone was standing on their feet with their heads uncovered and their hands on their hearts as I carried the flag in the Piotique Parade.

We came to the reviewing stand and stood at attention while the Star Spangled Banner was sung by Miss Clark. The wind blew the flag in my face, covering my tears of joy as I carried the flag in the Piotique Parade.

After the song, the flag led the parade to the fire station. Before the end, my legs quit and Jim carried the flag to the end of the parade.

In 1943, I took an oath to defend our flag with my life. Today, in 2017, I carried the flag in the Piotique Parade.

-- Delmar Yarrow

Clay Center