I'm not very happy with the two big dogs right now. I've had to kick both the old dog Chester and the mischeivious boxer Val out of the bedroom at night.

Going to bed has always been somewhat of a pain the neck. Both Chester and Val try to claim a spot on the bed before the other, and have to spend 15 to20 minutes circling the bed before finding the spot that's just right.

 You wouldn't think it would matter so much -- and not just because they usually end up laying in the exact same spot they did the night before. Half of  the time I have to move them a little to reclaim enough room from me to lay on a bed. The other half I end trying to squeeze between two big dogs who don't really seem to want me on the bed with them.

And after all that, I still have find room for the Shih Tzu, who usually ends up laying right by my face or my feet. If he's lucky, he's stays on the bed the whole night -- but usually he gets kicked off by either me or one of the dogs, or jumps off on his own. All too often I find him sleeping on the rug next to the bed -- because there really isn't enough room for all of us.

What got the boxer and the old dog kicked out is that lately they've started to fight over their favorite spot on the bed --usually when I'm in bed with them, and the last time, the Shih Tzu nearly got stuck in the crossfire. Figuring that this might just jealousy because frankly, I have been coddling Leonard quite a bit since he was hurt, I figured I owed them another chance.

The two big dogs tend to get upset with me when I give Leonard extra attention, whether it's carrying him around with me everywhere, telling him he's a good dog (even when he isn't), petting him on my lap all night, rubbing his belly or even stuffing him under my shirt.

But Chester and Val blew their second chance when I caught them fighting on the bed in the middle of the day. The old dog responded to Val's intrusion by marking his territory on my bedspread.

Between three stinking dogs and a diet that pretty much ensures a night filled with flatuence, the bedspread is stinky enough without adding dog urine to it. That was the last straw.

 So now they're both sleeping on the couch at night -- where there's plenty of room for both of them.