Illuminati seal

There are still some people who think the local coffee group I refer to as the Rustic Illuminati are just a coffee group. I contend this small group of  movers and shakers in Clay Center are part of the worldwide Illuminati who for centuries have influenced politics, governments, economic systems and even religious organizations.

Several members still hold important local political positions. Additionally, they have held executive level jobs in the chief businesses and industries in the area. Some of them have had national and global influence. Just a coffee group! Get real!

I say all this with some trepidation.

The very fact I write about their Machiavellian workings has brought threats of "paybacks"  and derogatory remarks about this reporter! Feed and grain has argued I should be banished from the meetings.

 Here is warning note I recently received from a senior member of the local Illuminati:

 Seizing the befall, our members  enunciate the status of your pestiletial profile.  Your superfluous character has a tendency to be peevish and ill suited to be a scribe of letters. Your conduct while participating at the meeting of the universal word caused many  of our members to extrapolate your future with our "coffee group!" I am positive our universal director will place the yoke of happen stance upon your person. Be aware of your scribblings as they may infuriate our director.

But I digress.

Just to listen to some of their discussions illustrates the range of their interests and meddling.

The most intense wrangling occurs with three basic topics: Politics, Energy and Environment. In the group these are known by the abbreviation PEE.

While that sort of speaks for its self, it also shows how the member I refer to as power and light tangled with the senior member who plays with electricity.

They had a disagreement over LEDs. Power and light said LEDs don't put out heat.  Everybody knows incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs put out a lot of heat. Just put your hand on one that's been on a while. But LEDs don't seem to be hot to the touch.

Hence the conflict in views when the senior member said, "You can't have light without heat."

To which the environmentally minded member asked, "Did you ever catch fireflies in a fruit jar when you were a kid?"

A few members grumbled that senior was never a kid. But someone  explained there were chemical and biochemical lights such as luminescence and fluorescence. These were totally different than electrical illumination.

Almost before I could follow the train of thought, the subject jumped to expensive  Organic LEDs verses Inorganic ILEDs (the most common ones) and LCDs, that is Liquid Crystal Displays.

So now there was a discussion of, GET THIS, Liquid Crystal Displays and states of matter. Sounded sort of like a physics class. Keep in mind the medical definition of physics refers to laxatives.

I thought the Illuminati member called the jeweler might get involved.

He did, sort of. "What the hell are you talking about?” he asked.

Good question, I thought as I refilled my coffee cup and left.

You can understand why these guys make me nervous.