You can tell which candidates that truly care about rural Kansans by whether or not they actually show up.

In the governor's race, five candidates have come to stump in Clay Center, and in the other state races, only Dennis Taylor, candidate for Secretary of State, has bothered to come to Clay Center.

Jim Barnett has shown up the most and been here at least three times -- in October to launch his campaign, at a Lions Club meeting in May and most recently this week at the Tasty Pastry.

Ken Selzer has been here twice that we know of visiting Clay Center Lions and the Rotary Club; and he was even here for a candidate's forum in 2014 when he campaigned for insurance commissioner.

Gov. Jeff Colyer came here at the last minute as part of his 105-county tour on Monday.

Josh Svaty has also been here once to remind the few Democrats in the county that's he running for governor and even impressed a few hard-line conservatives attending the Lions Club meeting he spoke at.

Independent Rick Kloos has also been here a few times, as he grew up in Miltonvale and has strong connections to the area.

But none of others have bothered to grace us with their presence. They aren't even worth mentioning.

If they're not willing to hit the campaign trail, then they probably don't deserve your vote.