Leonard Dog just hasn’t been himself since he got a haircut.

All the laughing and pointing at the clipped Shih Tzu might have something to do with it. He didn’t get his tail or face cut -- because apparently even when he’s sedated, he’s a little bitey -- so he looks like a robot dog cobbled together from mismatched parts.  

I tell him he still looks tough, but the snickering under my breath gives me away. Even Mom, who tell us not to laugh at the dogs after they get a haircut, was caught laughing at poor Leonard.

It only took about five minutes for him to forgive us for the haircut. After we picked him up, he was on my lap almost as soon as we left for home. But he did let me know he wasn’t happy with me by growling at me as I tried to pet him.

Without all his hair, the Shih Tzu is at a loss and seems to lose his sense of balance. He can’t even sit on the couch upright. Instead of curling  up, he just kind of lays cock-eyed on his side now, as though he’s telling us -- “Look what you’ve done to me!”

The rest of the dogs have to sniff him out, as if they don’t recognize him. From the little miniature Yorkie Bella to the big, bad half-Lab Arbuckle, they’ve all had to circle Leonard just to make sure he wasn’t some new dog.

The boxer Val in particular doesn’t seem convinced the partially shaved Leonard is the same ball of fluff that used to be Leonard. She’s pawed at him, nudged him, and even tackled him. I’m not entirely certain if she thinks she’s got a new playmate, or is messing with poor Leonard on purpose.

Leonard tried to stand his ground by giving the loudest warning yip he can muster, as though that has ever actually worked in the past.

All Leonard’s protests have ever done is egg Val on, and she comes at little Leonard charging at full speed, knocking him over until she has him on his back -- scaring him so badly that he pees on himself.

I try to comfort him, but the damage is done. The ornery boxer has proven to Leonard once again that he isn’t as tough as he thinks he is.

Just like people, some dogs are just jerks. The boxer Val is obviously quite satisfied with herself, as she walks away from the chaos she created with her tail wagging.