It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the dogs.

Two weeks ago, Mom and Dad had to put down George because he developed a cyst on his neck that kept him from eating. And just a couple of days later they lost another dog, as Mom’s Shih Tzu was run over because she got too close to a truck in the snow. I know dogs’ lives are too short, but sometimes they’re really, really short.

As I told my son, often there’s nothing you can do about that, other than to love them while you still have them.

And if losing too dogs wasn’t enough, the boxer Val was hit by a vehicle also after she broke the lead she was on, jumped the fence and followed me going to work. My son and I tried catching her after she got out and before she was hit, but after running around the block three or four times in the cold, you pretty much give up on the crazy dog ever coming to you, even if it’s for her own good.

She came back with what looked like a broken leg and a couple of serious scrapes. Fortunately, even though she apparently rolled under a vehicle as she was hit, we got her to the vet in time. Dr. Salava was able to patch her up and pop her left leg back into her hip bone, which was the most serious injury. We were really worried we might lose a third dog, or she’d lose a leg.

But she’s young and  seems to be making a full recovery, as the injury has only slowed her down a little.

For the first week she had her foot tied up and she kept it up even after we took the bandages off. That might just be because she’s been getting the royal treatment. She’s been getting dried food soaked in water mixed in wet food that is brought to her at her spot on the coach, from which she has barely moved for the first couple of days.

At first I had to lift her onto the couch and bed (so I know she was really hurting), and carried her around everywhere like I carry the Shih Tzu around.  But now she’s able to get onto the couch on her own and walk with a bit of a limp, which gets less pronounced each day.

She’s gotten a lot of extra attention, as we’ve put her in the spot between where my son and I sit on the couch. Isaac has been able to keep a close eye on her over the long weekend and she’s been his cuddle buddy, especially during those couple of snow days. I’ve actually had to tell Isaac to be cautious when he’s playing with her, as he likes to lay his head close to the hip joint that she popped out, but the boxer doesn’t seem to mind.

I’ll confess that we kept the bandages on a day or two longer than Dr. Salava said she had to have them on. With her back leg tied up, Val wasn’t able to jump the fence or push open the gate. It was really nice to be able to let her run around in the back yard without having to put her on a lead or worrying that she would get out.

Once we removed the bandages, she did get out once. Fortunately she got no further than the other side of the garage before coming back, so maybe this time she really did learn a lesson about not getting out, or at least sticking closer to home.

But I’m not counting on it. This is Val we’re talking about.