I've might have waited too long to give the little furball Leonard a haircut.

He's gone from looking like a Wookie who became a Hippie to pretty close to Cousin It from the Adamms Family -- except, obviously he has four legs instead.

With the groundhog so obviously wrong about the early arrival of Spring, I've let the poor Shih Tzu grow his fur longer than usual. The extra hair has kept him warm when he goes outside, but it has some downsides.

I'm not just talking about the increase tendency for him to pick up stickers or having to cut less-than pleasant things out of his fur -- although that's annoying too. I'm talking about the his extra-long bangs blinding him because they mostly cover his eyes.

At first I thought he was just staying out extra long when I put him out because the extra fur makes him hot, but I soon realized there was more to it that just enjoying the cold weather. It's clear he can't see where he's going and get's confused about where he he is. I've had to yell at him extra loud for him to come it, and even then, he has difficulty locating me.

I've noticed him run around the backyard in confused circles as he find his bearings before, but didn't think anything of it. Even though that's unusual for him, it could still be considered normal dog behavior as they all like to sniff around when they go outside. I didn't realize what was wrong when I literally watched him run into the railing of the deck, and then yip in surprise, like he was saying 'Where did that come from?!'

But it just isn't outside where he's had a problem seeing. He's had trouble jumping on the couch or the bed -- presumably because he can't see where he's going, and has stumbled over the things my son has left out on the floor.

He's also gets in the way alot more and it's a lot easier to sneak up on him. But to be fair, it's never been all that difficult to catch him.

I've even seen him knock his food bowl off the counter where he feed him. Sure, he does that lot when he's done, but this time it food still in it -- and he almost never does that.

I've tried to remedy the issue by attempting to cut his bangs, but the wiley Shih Tzu won't let me anywhere near his eyes with the scissors. Usually I have to catch him napping to get any hair cut at all.

So either I'm going to have hire a professional or he'll just have too put up with the extra long hair a little longer.