The boxer Val had not just a bad day, but a whole week of bad days last week.

I put Chester’s old collar on her so I could take her on a walk Monday, but when her head slipped out of it too easily, I put it on extra tight— perhaps a notch too tight.

She whimpered in protest the whole walk because I kept her on a shot leash— not allowing her sniff out and check things as we walked. I wasn’t going to have a repeat occurrence of chasing her a few blocks after she broke her collar like she did a couple weeks ago.

When I wouldn’t let her greet a puppy we came across, she was so mad she bit me on the leg, which she’s never done before.

On Tuesday she let me know how bored she was by trying to pull me off of the couch, rolling around on the couch and rubbing up against me. No matter ho much I played with her , it wasn’t enough and she let me know she wasn’t ready to go to bed by blocking my way into the bedrooms and trying to play with after I wet to bed.

When I worked late Wednesday, she let me know she was unhappy by getting into the trash  — not an easy feat considering we keep the trash and recyclables in closets and cabinets to keep her out of it.

On Thursday she let me know she missed my son Isaac by getting into his room. It’s hard to tell whether she got into his stuff— as his room is already a disaster, but I found her on his bed when I got home and some of Isaac’s old shoes scattered around the house.

And even though she clearly missed Isaac, she wouldn’t have anything to do with him when we went up to my parents this weekend where Isaac is spending his summer. It wasn’t until she was tired and worn out on Sunday when got close enough to him for poke , pick on her and use her as a pillow.

But for the rest of the weekend she fought with the other dogs for time laying in the kiddie pool, as it was too hot run around or do anything else.

My son tells me that he really does me a service by playing with, chasing and picking on the boxer when I’m not around. As big of a pain in the butt she’s been lately, I think he might be right.