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From the Publisher

The date isn’t wrong…

If you happen to notice that our back page today (Nov. 6, 2020) has the date of October 30, 2020 and that the entirety of the page seems somewhat familiar than you are not wrong and you have a much keener eye than I did last Friday morning. I will dive into this by just saying plainly “we messed up; more accurately I messed up”. 

Shortly after being brought to my attention yesterday I made the decision to have my team do a complete reprint of the back page of last Friday's Oct. 30th edition that featured our CCCHS Cross Country state qualifiers. 

Last Saturday, Oct 31, seven members of our CCCHS cross country team ran their hearts out at the 3A & 4A state cross country meet. The Dispatch attempted to commemorate this achievement in these young men's high school athletic careers by organizing a “Good Luck at State” page. Unfortunately, some of the personal messages displayed on this page were incorrectly printed. For this I truly apologize to the athletes, community, and businesses this may have affected.

Through my almost 6 years here at The Dispatch I have done my best to improve on every aspect of this publication. Last Friday I fell extremely short of what I know I am capable of and what this community and these athletes deserved. I do not say this to make an excuse or to act as if my team has not attempted to step up and claim partial responsibility for this mishap, but in reality, the buck stops here with me-- the Publisher.  I will not bore you with the mundane protocols that were missed on a busy morning. Instead, I vehemently point out my shortcomings in this scenario because I earnestly believe that every individual in my industry should not only represent but also be held to the highest standard of ethical and moral integrity. More plainly, when you mess up; fess up and fix it! 

We have all been told that in life mistakes can happen, however life has taught me that there are only a few things that can and frankly should be done to rectify a mistake. 1. Face the music 2. Sincerely apologize 3. Learn from what you did or did not do and last (but not at all the very least) 4. Try your absolute best to rectify any offense given or opportunity missed. 

It is for these reasons that The Dispatch team has not only corrected and reprinted the good luck page, but we also have a complimentary keepsake copy for all of these athletes who deserved an accurate send off on their way to state.  Please accept my sincere apology and congratulations to our CCCHS Cross Country Tigers on all your hard work this year!

The Clay Center Dispatch

“ever-learning” Publisher- Alicia Paul