I think with all of the rain last weekend and this week, one dog in particular has been going stir crazy — the young boxer Val.

When Isaac came back from spending the weekend at the farm, Val ran around like crazy and bugged my son so much that he asked me, “Did you play with this dog at all this weekend?”

Come to think of it, Val tried her best to entertain herself. But you can only chew on Isaac’s things and run around so much before that gets old.

She tried to play with the other two dogs, but the Shih Tzu Leonard had found sanctuary on my lap and the old dog Chester wasn’t about to move from the couch for anything.

She tried to get me to play with her too. But sticking her nose on my knee earned her a sharp rebuke from Chester. When she tried to get my attention while Chester was off the couch by halfway getting onto the couch, an annoyed yip from Leonard backed her up and earned her a sympathetic pat on the head from me.

Finally she went for broke by leaping on the couch, pushing Chester aside by plowing through him and clearing the way by knocking Leonard off my lap. Looking back at it now, maybe she wasn’t just trying to get my attention or claiming her spot on the couch. Maybe it was a subtle hint that she wanted to play.

Instead I just laughed at her, called her a silly dog and pulled her ears.

She didn’t give up though. All weekend she pulled at my pant leg, ran to the backyard patio door barking at the rain, even rolled around on the floor like an idiot (more than once too). I just didn’t get the hint.

So when we picked up Isaac, she was really happy to see him. I’m not sure Isaac was, though. He rolled his eyes and asked, “Did you have to bring the dogs?”  He says that every time — as though there was a ever a time I left them at home.

Valentine couldn’t contain her excitement on the way home. She’d run to the back seat and lick Isaac’s face, run to the front and harass Chester, go to the back and lick Isaac’s face again and ran back between the front and back the whole ride home.

When we got home, Isaac was convinced I hadn’t played with Val the whole weekend, so he chased her around the house.

And I swear to God that dog was smiling.