Plastic bag

Get ready for plastic bags becoming a thing of the past. This week the Wichita City Council voted unanimously to form a task force to consider how to reduce or eliminate single-use plastic bags in Wichita, noting how they’re difficult to recycle and are not biodegradable.

Cities in the U.S. that have either banned or taxed plastic bags in recent years have included San Francisco, Denver and Chicago. Wichita would be the first city in Kansas to ban or tax the use of plastic bags.

The intentions behind this effort is laudable. The green movement is eager to find a solution to this problem. Plastic bags ending up in oceans is killing off sea mammals and other sea life. Not properly disposed of, they quickly become a nuisance.

Obviously, we can’t expect consumers to stop using plastic bags without some kind of incentive. But having government impose penalties for something as convenient and widely used as this staple found in every store in the nation is ridiculous.

We can’t believe it’s impossible to engineer a durable, biodegradable plastic bag. That’s where the solution should be.

Not more government intervention.

— Ryan D. Wilson