By Ryan D. Wilson

News Editor

I tried to tell Isaac that the boxer Valentine was really sorry for what happened, but Isaac hasn’t quite forgiven her yet. He doesn’t fall for those deep sad eyes like I do.

Over the break my son was on dog duty. That means he’s supposed to let them out when they want out, clean up their messes, keep on eye on them so they stay out of trouble and give them a little bit of attention so that they know they’re loved.

Either my son was so engrossed with his playing his Christmas present — a new X-box game — or Val was extra sneaky, which is a distinct possibility. Either way, Isaac didn’t notice Val get into the treats that Mom got the dogs as a Christmas present.

Normally, it wouldn’t have been a problem because we would have stopped her before she had too much. But like most dogs, Val doesn’t know how to pace herself and ate as much as she could as quickly as she could out of the stocking of treats.

She didn’t just eat the soft treats. She also  consumed most of the rawhide, ate half of a stuffed animal and a good deal of the packaging and did a number on the ham bone.

The unfortunate consequences of this was that it gave the boxer a belly-ache, she puked part of it up and had the runs for the rest of the day. And Isaac, because he was on dog duty, had to clean it all up.

By the time I came home, the poor dog had four or five unfortunate instances that resulted from her indiscretion and my son was ready to kill her. But he didn’t get any sympathy from me as he admitted he heard her rustling around with something in the other room, but didn’t think she was getting into trouble.

Now he knows better. If you don’t see the ornery boxer, chances are pretty good she’s getting into something she shouldn’t be getting into.

My son wanted to punish Val by locking her up in the kennel, but seeing the miserable look on her face, I told him, “I think she’s been punished enough. Look at her! She’s clearly sorry for what she did!”

Then I reminded Isaac what happened when he had too much eggnog. He reluctantly admitted I was right -- that sometimes you just can’t help yourself.