It turns out the dog gave good reason to be happy to see me when I some home from work. And his name is Isaac.

Between summer weights and conditioning, his chores, playing video games, hanging with friends and everything else, my teenage son finds plenty of time to harass and pick on the dogs. He’s confessed to me he’s done more and more of it as the summer drags on.
His favorite target is the boxer Val. And with all the pent up energy she has and the trouble she gets in, she certainly deserves it. He’ll chase that dog and get her going in by smacking and grabbing her nose.
There are time he goes too far and I have to warn him to stop because the way she’s growling and holding her tail, it’s clear she isn’t playing anymore. She’s never actually bitten my son very hard, but she sounds like she could!
When Val has enough, she tries to get away by running to my room, behind the coach, under the bed, even to her kennel, if she’s desperate. If I’m home, she’ll come to me for protection. If not, sometimes she has to bite him. Isaac said she’s gotten him good a couple of times, but I’ve never been around to see it. And it hasn’t stopped him.
Although Val is his favorite dog to harass, she is by no means the only one whose been picked on by my son for entertainment. Poor Leonard has been a dish towel, a mop, a ball of fur to launch at Dad, and even the old dog Hester gets his ears pulled and his tail yanked  to goad him into playing with Isaac.
Sometimes the Shih Tzu Leonard bites Isaac seemingly for no reason while he’s laying next to him on the couch. Isaac will complain to me that he wasn’t doing anything to him.
“That’s not entirely true, I tell Isaac. “He bites you because he remembers what you did to him.”
The other dogs get him back by stealing his spot on the couch when he gets up, getting him out of bed early by barking and peeing on his stuff. Val has en taken to chewing on his does again.

Be patient, little doggies. In just a couple of weeks he’ll be back in school.