Even though I was feeling a little under the weather with a head cold and a cough, the dogs did their best last week to make me feel better.

Chester and Leonard would not leave my side, and Leonard thought he could make me feel better by licking my face, and Val tried her hardest to make me feel better — even though she really wasn’t any help.

When I came home and crashed on the couch Val would not leave me alone. First she nudged me with her cold, wet nose. I tried to tell Valentine I was going to be OK, but I don’t think she believed me.

The ornery boxer kept tugging at my blanket, biting at my hand, and trying to harass the Shih Tzu snoozing on my chest. Just when I was about to doze of, she’d lick my face, sniff my hair or pant in my ears.

Finally, I asked Val, “If I play with you, will you leave me alone?” She wagged her tail in the affirmative.

So I wrestled with her for awhile until I thought she had enough. But when I laid back on the couch, she let me know she still wanted to play by licking my hair.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a dog lick the top of your head, but I can tell you it’s a weird sensation.

“Stop that!” I told the boxer, trying not to laugh.

The tough little Shih Tzu, who was no help laying on my chest, decided he had enough. He tried to defend me with the sternest yelp he could muster.

That only egged Val on all the more, however. It’s not an easy thing to stop a dog fight happening 1 inch from your face -- if you flinch you’ll be in trouble, but somehow I got them to stop.

And after a good scolding, Val looked at me with those sad eyes, as if to ask, ‘What did I do? I was only trying to help.’ There’s nothing that can make you feel like a jerk faster than sad, puppy dog eyes.

I thought maybe I could get her to stop by making her lay with me on the couch. That only made her more restless — she kept trying to lick my face, even when I laid on top of her.

Finally I realized the real reason Val was bugging me so much. It wasn’t just because I wasn’t feeling so hot or that she was worried about me.

Nor was it because my son wasn’t yet home from practice and she was bored from being left home alone all day.

It was because it was past time to feed the dogs.