Leiszler Oil Company

More than a month has passed since the Clay Center City Council passed a controversial re-zoning  decision that allows Leiszler Oil to build a gas station at the corner of US-24 and K-15, a decision that a majority of Clay Center residents did not support.

Here at The Dispatch, we have a saying — Don’t stand in the way of progress, because progress has a way of running you over.

We wish Leiszler Oil well in this business venture even though we opposed it, because we know them well. We know they will deliver on their promises to minimally impact the neighborhood as much as possible with proper screening and the right lighting. We know they will make this gas station with a Papa John’s franchise the best it can possibly be, because they’ve done that with every Short Stop they’ve built.

 Short Stop in the past has been a good employer and a supporter of the community. They’ve always been one of us. There is no question that they’ll employ more people and be a good neighbor with this new station.

We urge the rest of the community to get behind the new gas station too, because the potential for what it could bring to the community outweighs the disruption and change that will come with it.

It’s time to put aside hard feelings, anger and mistrust that resulted from the rezoning decision.

Other things we often say at The Dispatch is that “We’re stronger if we stick together” and “It’s better to build each-other up than it is to tear each other down.”

This is an opportunity to do exactly that.

-- Ryan D. Wilson