One of the most inspiring things I heard last week was the report that the high school football team helped do the manual labor of providing the food distribution in the community last week.

Some are lamenting the lost experiences those young people endured this year when school was cancelled, especially for the seniors. Prom was scheduled last night. It was cancelled due to the pandemic we are in.

I think if we look beyond the short term ache of missing that event, we might see that these young people have stepped up to the greater good in spite of their personal disappointment.

I find that inspiring.

To see a need in your community, shake off your sadness and volunteer to help shows more character and life skill than most would expect from a group of teenagers.

I think it is an amazing testament to our community’s students.

So, well done Tiger Football! And well done coaches and parents for raising young men of character. That will go with them into their futures. In much better ways than what was missed ever could.

In addition to the community food distribution, did you know that USD-379 Clay County Schools has distributed over 26,330 meals to Clay County families since they started their meal distribution project? And that is not a current number, that is the approximate number the superintendent gave us at one of our EOC meetings this week. It is more by now and will continue through the scheduled school year!

And did you know that those meals are free! Both free to the family that picks them up and to the USD? The USD is reimbursed for providing the meals. It is not costing them out of budget to provide the meals.

Thank you to the USD-379 administration and staff for making this project work in Clay County during this hard time. It is so very appreciated!

-- Clay County Emergency Manger Pam Kemp