I know the weather really hasn't been indicating it, but I think Spring is about here. It's got to be, if all the dog hair is any indicator.

The two-short haired dogs shed a lot any -- because that's what short-haired dogs do. But the boxer and the old dog Chester can really shed a lot this time of the year. I can't seems to let them brush against me or sit where they've been without being with a bunch of hair. I've watch then shake themselves and the hair fly off of them in a cloud.

We've had to sweep the floors about once a day to get a handle on all the dog hair, as it literally piles up if we don't do anything about.  We have tried to keep the dog out of the rooms with carpet and off the furniture. And by that I mean we kick them off the couch when they shaking like a wet dog.

Despite out best efforts, though, the dog hair gets everywhere - including  the rugs, the rugs, underneath the couch, in the hearting vents, and on the recliners and couches. It even get in places I thought impossible -- such as on top of the ceiling fans, and on clothes I just cleaned.

But I don't really have that much to complain about with my two-short hairs when you compare it to the five short-haired dogs my parents have. They all shed a lot, but the mutt Arbuckle is the worst -- because though he has long, thick fur, he sheds like a short-hair dog.

WIth the bad weather for the last several weekends, we haven't had a chance to ge to up to the farm, so when we finally got there, Arbuckle had to greet me by climbing up on my lap so he could lick my face and so I would pet him. It's not as though no one else gives him attention -- the big lug just likes me for some reason.

So by the time Arbuckle done rolling around on top of me  -- i swear he does that to just be a jerk -- I'm covered with so much dog hair I might as well be wearing a fur coat.

And it not just the big lug that blesses with dog hair -- The sneaky Jack Russell does it by jumping on my lap and shaking his fur and rubbing up against me too. Even the old pit bull Sunny and the little rascal Bell, a mini-Yorkie will use rub off some hair on us, if given the chance. I can't help but feel like they're using as a cleaning rag or scratching post.

May it's  just their way of saying, 'Hang in there, Spring is just around the corner."