Thank you Chuck Smith for your letter and Ryan Wilson for your opinion as printed in The Dispatch on Monday, April 27th.  Both included thoughts that should alert the attention of all of us.

Mr. Smith, I apologize for the young persons who laughed at your wearing a mask at the grocery store. You were trying to protect someone important to you. It would appear they have not yet experienced the grief and heartache that comes with the death of someone they love.  It will happen to them someday and they will learn that when death closes the door of the life of that person, it is not opened again in this world.  There are over 50,000 families who are trying to survive that intense sorrow in our country now.

  Mr. Wilson, thank you for making some informative thoughts to consider on both sides of this issue.  We are living in a time of being extremely wasteful with not only money, food, etc. but also our natural resources.  Maybe we may learn something with a downturn in our economy and become better caretakers of our environment as well as with our own lives.

 Last night a friend called me and asked, “What will you do as soon as the restriction of ‘in shelter and social distancing’ is lifted?”  I told her that I would do the same as I have been doing, staying home and away from crowds, working in my yard, making masks, and sorting ‘stuff’.  She said, “Me, too, but I miss being with my friends.”

  I think I prefer this life compared to no life at all.

Very truly yours,

Mrs. LeRoy Gingles,

Clay Center