In reference to the re-opening plan --Yes, it needs some revisions. It is what was implemented with Phase 2 as things stood last week where state guidance is concerned.

There are areas in that plan that we had to include because of what the state plan required. We got notice of Tuesday’s plan less than one hour before you did.

Until we have time to meet, review and revise within the new guidance, the plan in place remains the plan.

Our plan was developed to follow the Ad Astra plan at the state level. Ad Astra is still the re-opening plan recommended by KDHE. There are some adjustments that can and will be made based on yesterday’s changes. Please be patient as we work through the details.

We are all impatient and wishing this was over.

But it is not. The virus is still there. As we move forward we all need to remember that the disease is not gone and we must take reasonable precautions as we resume our “new” normal activities.

We are working on reviewing and updating our plan and we will get it to you as soon as we can!

-- Emergency Manager Pam Kemp