The dogs aren’t too happy with me after this last weekend. I might have had too much fun with them throwing them in the pool.

You’d think that Val and my parents Labrador/pit bull mix Arbuckle wouldn’t have minded. They’re constantly swimming in the ponds as they chase Dad as he does work from farm to farm. The clear, cool water of the pool has got to feel better than the muddy, stinky water of a pond, but then, I’m not a dog.

I’m not sure they minded it as bad as they let on. Val would sneak into the fenced in area where the pool is located, only to dart away when she saw me.  And even though Arbuckle resisted at first, he swam awhile before getting out.

The little dogs didn’t mind as much. Leonard the Shih Tzu kept coming back, so I threw him in four or five times. With all that hair, it probably felt pretty good.  As long as I was there to hold him or carry him on my shoulders, he was pretty cool with being in the water. He didn’t even mind when my son knocked him off my shoulders. But that little dog has always been my buddy -- no matter what.

 My mom’s Shih Tzu pup Snuggles and the mini Yorkie pup also didn’t mind being thrown in the pool, as they too get hot pretty quickly.  My cousin’s Patterdale terrier Rocky too, seemed  to not mind swimming around after we put her in the first time.

But the rest of the dogs  truly hate the pool water. The old dogs Chester and George only let me throw them in once, and after that they couldn’t be found for the rest of the day. George wouldn’t leave the back porch, as that was his hiding place, and Chester stayed in the house.

The Jack Russell Pete hates the water too. He was smarter than the rest of the dogs. Once he saw us change into our swimming suits, he couldn’t be found for the rest of the day.

The only dog I didn’t try to throw in the pool last weekend was the old pit bull Sunny, because that old dog gets pretty grouchy if we try to pick her up. She hates the pool so much she’ll bite you if you try to throw her in -- and that’s the only time I’ve ever seen her bite anyone.

I asked my son to help me cool off the dogs by helping me round them up and throw them in. He refused, telling me he’s no dummy.

“You’re on your own,” he said after Val bit me after trying to throw her in a second time.