The Shih Tzu Leonard has been pretty growly lately, and I think I know why.
It isn’t because every morning I pick the eye boogers out of his fur or spend the weekend grooming him and pulling out the tangles. He doesn’t like it, but he seems to appreciate it, especially in the summer.
He’s not grouchy because the ‘Toss the Leonard Dog’ game with my son has escalated to the point we nearly drop him throwing him back and forth between the two of us. He actually seems to enjoy that.
That the boxer Valentine corners him and messes with him by running around him and sending him across the room with a flick of her paw isn’t the reason for his poor temperament either. That’s nothing new.
He isn’t even upset that I’m using him for my own version of ‘Flat Stanley’ by taking to odd places and photographing him for ‘How’d the heck did Leonard get there? (See posts on our Facebook page on the weekend to guess where he’s been). He doesn’t care what the reason is, he’ll take any opportunity to be right by my side.
He doesn’t even seem to mind that my son has been messing with him more. He’s a sucker for any kind of attention — good or bad.
And he’s not been a little bitty because he doesn’t get the royal treatment. Between the the nightly belly rubs, riding on my shoulders when I’m off to just about everywhere and sneaking him extra treats, it’s fair to say he’s more spoiled than my son is.
No, I think the reason Leopard has been so nippy lately is because he knows what’s coming this weekend. He’s long overdue for his annual haircut, which usually happens at the beginning of the summer.

And he also knows that once he gets that haircut, we’re all going to laugh at him.