My son doesn’t like the dogs in his room. So naturally the more he tries to keep them out, the more they want in.

He says it’s because he doesn’t want dog hair on his clothes but I think it’s really because he doesn’t want them to get into the candy he has stashed. It’s also possible that he doesn’t like the stinky surprises they leave him when they do get into his room.

What Isaac doesn’t know is that since he’s been back in school and doesn’t get home until late because of football, they’ve gotten into his room a lot. First I thought it was just the ornery boxer, because she’s the one who knows how to open doors. And Val is plenty guilty, but she isn’t the only one.

The first time I caught Val in Isaac’s room, the first thing she did was jump on Isaac’s bed, roll around on his blankets and shake her coat, getting dog hair every where. It’s like she knew he doesn’t like that.

Other times she’s gotten into his room, she’s drug out dirty laundry and shoes, trash and a slew of other things. She seems to really like his socks. Once she even saw fit to pull the blanket off his bed and deposit it in the middle of the living room floor.

She’s also chewed up his wallet, destroyed souvenirs, dragged around and dumped out his school backpack, laid on his jacket and hidden his things all over the house. But to be fair, only about half of those things were actually in his room.

When I  caught Chester and Leonard in Isaac’s room the first time,  I came home to find the old dog rolling around on his bed — just like Val.  So apparently it really isn’t a secret that Isaac hates dog hair. As Chester jumped off with a defiant flip of his tail, Leonard came out running from underneath of the bed — pretending to be innocent. Either he was scrounging for crumbs, or hiding a bone.

The door to Isaac’s room is an old panel wooden door that latches only if you shut it just right. Isaac is pretty meticulous about getting it shut — but instead of thinking he overlooked it, I prefer to think that the little Shih Tzu and the half-Jack Russell and part-hound dog teamed up to get the door open by themselves.

Maybe they jumped on the door simultaneously to get it to unlatch. Perhaps Leonard hopped on Chester’s back to turn the knob by brushing up against it. Maybe one of them got on his hind legs to turn the knob with his mouth while the other pushed the door. However they did it, it had to be hilarious.

Isaac would catch on soon enough, as they would leave a mess that a teenager’s messy room couldn’t mask — the kind that would leave no doubt that dog was there. Isaac complained about the smell for weeks.

But don’t feel sorry for him. As much as he’s harassed and picked on Chester, chased and tormented Val and used Leonard as a mop and a football, he’s earned every bit of it.