I write this letter as encouragement to our citizens to consider running for local public office.  

Positive things happen for communities when interested and informed persons choose to serve as elected officials.  There is no doubt that many issues face our towns, schools, county, state and nation, both financially and ideologically.  

As of this writing, there are several positions in this county still looking for candidates.  

As a member of the USD 379 Board of Education, I am aware that BOE Position 4 has had no filings, and that the current board member has chosen not to run again.  This position includes the 2nd ward of the City of Clay Center, Garfield and Sherman Townships (the portions which are in USD-379) and, Goshen, Hayes, Highland and Clay Center (N and S) Townships.  

The other positions up for election this cycle are: Position 5 (Wards 1,3 and 4, City of Clay Center) and Position 6 (small portions of Mulberry Township which are in USD 379, most of Bloom Township, and Five Creeks, Blaine, Oakland, Exeter, Union, Grant, Chapman, Athelstane, Gill and Republican Townships.

As you can see, citizens are eligible to serve on this board from any geographical area in the county, excluding those areas not in USD 379.  

There are serious challenges ahead for the district, and dedicated persons are needed to participate.  

Should anyone be interested, I, or any other board member, or the superintendent of schools, would be happy to visit with you.  

Deadline for filing for office is June 1.  

Jean Frigon

Clay Center