Whether you think precautions taken to slow down the spread of the coronavirus is warranted or not, one thing can’t be disputed. All of us are going to have a lot more free time on our hands.

That doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

This can be a perfect opportunity to take up a hobby we’ve always wanted to try -- baking, painting, sewing, drawing, photography just to name a few -- or to find more time for those ones we don’t seem to ever have time for.

There’s no longer an excuse to not exercise. Yes, gyms and fitness centers are closed, but there’s plenty of other ways to get in shape. Go on a walk and take the dogs and the kids with you. Take up jogging or bike riding. If nothing else, do some push-ups and sit-ups and other calisthenics.

There’s more time to play with your kids. Dig up those game and toys you haven’t played in a long time. Pull out and dust off those board games. Teach them card games. Dare them to beat you at Monopoly, even though you know that’s impossible (in my house, the adults know how to cheat). If you’re into Dungeons and Dragons or other RPG’s, do that. If you’re by yourself, use your facetime feature on your phone to play games with your friends virtually.

Get to know that sullen teenager in your family (or at least figure out what it is they do on their laptops and phones all day). Teach them to bake and clean and take better care of themselves. Talk to them. Get to know their hopes and dreams and fears and what they think of the whole world situation.  

Get out in your yard and plant some flowers. Grow that garden you always wanted. Trim those branches, prune those bushes, take up the challenge of finally establishing a decent stand of grass.

Take on a home improvement project. Surely some part of your home needs remodeled, upgraded or simply outright gutted and replaced. Clean your house from floor to ceiling -- we know a lot have bought enough cleaning supplies to accomplish that.

If you don’t have a pet already, consider adopting one. Now is the perfect time to devote hours to housebreaking and training a new puppy or raising a kitten. You’ll have plenty of time to supervise them.

Take time out of your day to call your parents and grandparents or kids and grandkids and let them know you’re OK. Work on your relationship with your spouse. Take time to connect to God with prayer.

Resist the temptation to sit around all day and watch TV or play video games.

If you just need the time to do a whole lot of nothing, that’s OK too. This country and this community have been under a lot of stress recently -- politically, socially, economically.

We could use this time to heal.

 -- Ryan D. Wilson