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Do you know what my biggest beef with setting the clocks back a hour? It not that I mind setting them back (or even an hour forward in the Spring). It's that the dogs don't know we've changed the time.

My teenage son is embarrassed to be around his dad in public, and given what he has to put up with in private, I can't say I blame him.

(The following story is taken from the 199 Piotique edition of the Dispatch (9-21-99). The theme for Piotique is "Be True To Your School." The special edition features the histories and stories of Clay County schools. Piotique is Saturday, Sept. 25. Subscribe to the Dispatch by clicking on t…

The boxer Val doesn’t really care for the harness I got her, but she seems to be getting used to it.

Q: Did you hear that the governor's mansion in Kansas burned down?

A: Almost took out the whole trailer park.

The summer slump means I have more time to spend with the three fleabags, which is good, because since my son is working for grandpa on the farm, the dogs have been very bored without him.

The grumpy Shih Tzu Leonard has found a new spot to nap that’s become his favorite spot to snooze away the day -- when he’s not on my lap, of course.

Mom complains about Dad spoiling Bella, their teacup Yorkie -- and he does, but he’s not the only one. Mom is just as bad.

Obama inherited an economy that had been severely wounded and had to work to set things right. Trump, with his trade wars, his fights with our allies, his tariffs, his constant unpredictability, not only has things headed in the wrong direction, but also has put our nation on a dangerous course.

But Republicans in Topeka aren't really interested in cutting the food sales tax. We know that because big corporations still get three times as much tax relief in the House bill as food-buying Kansans.

Ever since the boxer Val injured her foot, the pecking order in our household has changed. Val is no longer the top dog.

I’m not exactly certain, but I think the old dog Chester  has been more on guard than usual. He’s been pretty wild, and I don’t think it’s just because of the cold.

My son Isaac says the Shih Tzu is so lazy that if given the choice between getting out of the way or getting stepped on, Leonard would prefer to be stepped on.