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It’s the end. Only not really. The Star Wars universe will continue well past Rise of Skywalker in tv, video games, or stand alone films. But certainly, this episode, Episode IX, closes the book on the core Skywalker saga that launched the whole universe and has been running for 42 years.

Finally, Kansas seems to be on a track to expand Medicaid -- ten years after the fact.

I don’t know if the boxer has a touch of cabin fever because of the weather, or if she just feels neglected, but Val has insisted that we pay a lot of attention to her when we get home.

The Holiday Season has come and gone!  All the planning by parents plus all the desires of children and others may or may not have been met.  This writer wonders if Christmas traditions that were so very important  as a very young farm girl surrounded by the love of many close family relativ…

Last month, the last official action of outgoing Highway Administrator Ronnie Tremblay was to blast the Clay County Commission for how they had treated an employee of the Highway Department who had health issues.

Since Isaac has been on break and he’s been in charge of washing the dishes and there’s more to wash, he’s appreciated four-legged help in making them easier to wash.

A former Fort Riley solider infantry soldier who prosecutors describe as a Satanist plotting to overthrow the U.S. government now wants a plea deal.

Editor's note: This series of columns is based on the author's experiences in the Army between April of 2001 and May 2005.

This new year is bound to be an exciting one, whether it has to do with the great things going on locally or what's happening at the state level, nationally, or globally.

As anyone in a civic club knows, the start of the new year is usually the time to pay dues and check to make sure you’re current on your membership. The start of the new year is also the time of year to renew your Chamber membership -- or to sign up if you aren’t already a member.

This is the time of year to be thinking of resolutions for the new year. Whether or not you stick to your resolution for the whole year or just make it through February, think of tapping local resources when you need help keeping that resolution.

I decided over the holiday that I’d make a Christmas ham — even though I’d have to cook it in a toaster oven (because that’s all I’ve got) and despite the fact that even half of a  ham is still way too much ham for my son and I. I figured I could give the dogs the ham drippings, scraps of fa…

With the US House of Representatives voting to impeach President Donald Trump, we are coming upon an unprecedented moment in US history — the first time a sitting president could be forcibly removed from office.

They say kids behave better in December because they know Christmas is coming. I say it isn't just limited to kids -- dogs know when a holiday is around the corner too.

I'm not very happy with the two big dogs right now. I've had to kick both the old dog Chester and the mischeivious boxer Val out of the bedroom at night.

Do you know what my biggest beef with setting the clocks back a hour? It not that I mind setting them back (or even an hour forward in the Spring). It's that the dogs don't know we've changed the time.

My teenage son is embarrassed to be around his dad in public, and given what he has to put up with in private, I can't say I blame him.

(The following story is taken from the 199 Piotique edition of the Dispatch (9-21-99). The theme for Piotique is "Be True To Your School." The special edition features the histories and stories of Clay County schools. Piotique is Saturday, Sept. 25. Subscribe to the Dispatch by clicking on t…

The boxer Val doesn’t really care for the harness I got her, but she seems to be getting used to it.

Q: Did you hear that the governor's mansion in Kansas burned down?

A: Almost took out the whole trailer park.