More than a mower: The right robotic lawn mower can give you the yard of your dreams

(BPT) - If you love a lush, green, well-manicured lawn but hate spending hours out in the heat mowing week after week, a robotic mower may be just the thing you need. The latest technology in robotic mowing gives you hours of your life back, allowing you to focus on enjoying time with your family — or getting other chores accomplished — and a much better-looking, healthier lawn.

So, how do robotic mowers work? Smart technology like *GPS-assisted navigation, automatic sensors and long-lasting batteries combine to make a mower that propels itself around your yard, cutting a fine layer of grass at each pass. The mower returns to a charging station for an hour or more when its battery runs low, and then it goes right back out to continue mowing. Most robotic mowers easily change direction when encountering or sensing obstacles or they work within a pre-programmed boundary. They can also work in wet weather and are far quieter than standard mowers.