If you are old enough to remember the hit comedy movie of 1980, “Caddy Shack,” then you will recall that a gopher infestation was threatening a golf course in Nebraska. The somewhat deranged groundskeeper was tasked with getting rid of the pest. His efforts at eradication include shooting, flooding the burrows to drown the gopher and finally the use of plastic explosives. The gopher survived to dance over the ruins of the golf course. The film was funny and the gopher cute.

In reality gophers are not funny and they can do serious damage.  Who would have guessed gophers would chew the insulation off unprotected underground electrical cable? Former Clay Center Public Utilities Superintendent Bill Callaway has a piece of cable from a line leading to an irrigation unit showing just how much damage gophers can do when no plastic conduit is put around the cable (see above).