Goat Showmanship

By Ryan D. Wilson

News Editor

Goats exhibited by Natalie Sleichter and Harrison Heigele received the top ribbons for meat goats while goats exhibited by AnnaLeah Johnson and Lauren Benfer received the top ribbons in for breeding does.

Natalie Sleichter’s 78-pound goat received the grand champion ribbon for market goat and Harrison Heigele’s 65-pounder was named reserve champion market goat. In the breeding show, a doe over 24-months-old exhibited by AnnaLeah Johnson was named grand champion and a doe under 1 year-old born on Jan. 19 exhibited by Lauren Benfer was named reserve champion.

Other  under one-year-old breeding does to receive blue ribbons included ones exhibited by Harrison Heigele, which received the second blue; Sierra Fengel, third and fourth blue; and Alisha Waite, fifth and sixth blue. A doe 12- to 24-months old exhibited by AnnaLeah Johnson received a blue ribbon as the only doe in that class.  Other does over 24-months-old receiving blue ribbons included ones exhibited Alisha Waite, second blue; and Sabrina Johnson, third blue.

Among lightweight goats In the meat goat competition, Blaine Benfer’s 57-pounder received the first blue; Lauren Benfer’s 53-pounder, second blue; and Kolton Varner’s 50-pounder, third blue.

In the lower middle-weight class, Harrison Heigele’s reserve champion goat received the first blue; Elaine Sleichter’s 68-pounder, second blue; Joni Begnoche’s 70-pounder, third blue; Katherine Sleichter’s 70-pounder, fourth blue; and Sabrina Johnson’s 70-pounder, fifth blue.

In the upper middle weight class, Natalie Sleichter’s grand champion goat received the first blue; Margaret Sleichter’s 84-pounder, second blue; and AnnaLeah Johnson’s 76-pounder, third blue.

In the heavyweight class, Alisha Waite’s 91-pounder received the first blue; Jenette Begnoche’s 96-pounder, second blue; and Kelly Martin’s 95-pounder, third blue.

For senior goat showmanship, Katherine Sleichter was named grand champion;  Sabrina Johnson, reserve champion; AnnaLeah Johnson, third blue; Alisha Waite, fourth blue; Kolton Varner, fifth blue; Margaret Sleichter, sixth blue and Harrison Heigele, seventh blue.

For intermediate goat showmanship, Joni Begnoche was named grand champion; Elaine Sleichter, reserve champion; Lauren Benfer, third blue; Blaine Benfer, fourth blue, and Kelly Martin, fifth blue.

For junior goat showmanship, Jenette Begnoche was named grand champion; Natalie Sleichter, reserve champions, and Sierra Fengel, third blue.

By Ryan D. Wilson

News Editor