Slim Randles

Author of over a dozen books, both fiction and non-fiction, Slim Randles also charms 4 million readers with his weekly Home Country newspaper column, which appears in The Dispatch on Thursdays.

Slim is a Renaissance man of the outdoors, and of the English language. His writing career started in 1957 at age fifteen, when he began writing a rodeo column for a local paper in southern California.

Since then, he's packed mules in the High Sierra; been hunting buddies with Roy Rogers himself; built a log cabin in the wilderness of Alaska; run the first Iditarod dogsled race in 1973; guided and outfitted hunters in AK and NM; competed in a traditional archery tournament in Scotland; won the esteemed Rounders Award and brought his weekly readership to 4.1 million people in several countries around the world, while battling cancer.

Now starring in podcasts, featured on radio and television, Slim is enjoying his "retirement years" in the spotlight, in the recording studio, at awards banquets and, generally, on deadline!

Slim’s columns are not posted here on our website. But you can find his children’s book about a happy hounddog man and his “kids” at