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Clint Decker's "Hope for Today" column has appeared on the Friday Church Page of The Dispatch for many years. The monthly or twice-a-month column now appears in the The Dispatch on Mondays.Born in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Decker was raised in a pastor’s home and is the youngest of four children. …

Shelly O'Donnell, Clay Center, writes poem that published in The Dispatch on Fridays. Her work has also been published under the name of Rachell Helen Larson-O'Donnell.

Jane Gingles, The Dispatch's newest columnists, started writing "Windmill Memories" after responding to a call for columnist in January 2020. The column appears on the opinion page every Monday, excluding federal holidays.

When we get the question 'Who is Sophi?' our official answer is she's a motherly figure in the community who dispenses sound advice. Several women have written the weekly column that appears in The Dispatch every Wednesday (or on Friday when Wednesday falls on a holiday). The woman who is cu…

Ken Knepper, known by many in the community as the former ad director of The Dispatch in 1990's, regularly submits a column called "Conversation Piece," which appears in The Dispatch's Opinion Page sporadically.

Elby Adamson, a long-time, now retired, instructor of many through the gifted program for USD-379 Clay County School, has been a contributing writer for The Dispatch for almost four decades. He is best known for his 'Outdoor Insights' pieces, which appear on the front page as regularly as a …

Syndicated Columnist Carrie Classon’s column called 'The Postscript' appears in The Dispatch every Tuesday. She has written a memoir called, “Blue Yarn.” Her column is not posted online on The Dispatch's website, but you can learn more about her and her column at CarrieClasson.com.

Author of over a dozen books, both fiction and non-fiction, Slim Randles also charms 4 million readers with his weekly Home Country newspaper column, which appears in The Dispatch on Thursdays.

Columns by Dr. Glenn Mollette, who writes on mostly conservative and rural issues, appears in The Dispatch on Thursdays. He   is the author of 12 books, including ‘Nursing Home Nightmares - America’s Disgrace. His syndicated column is read in all 50 states.