USD-379 Clay County School District

USD-379 announced yesterday  that they’ve put together five teams who are diligently working this to provide for students.  Those teams include:

• A Continuous Learning Team working on lessons and resources for students.

• A Care Team focused on family partnership

• A Wellness, Fine Arts, Support and Enrichment team focus on providing activities for students.

• A Technology Team working on tech support for everyone.

• A Staff Resilience Team that is supporting staff.

The Continuous Learning Team is preparing weekly lessons and resources for your child, which will be flexible and meet your family needs.

The framework for the next nine weeks recommend the following:

• PreK: 30 minutes daily

• Grades K-1: 45 minutes daily

• Grades 2-3: 60 minutes daily

• Grades 4-5: 90 minutes daily

• Grades 6-12: 2 to 3 hours daily.

Enrichment and specials will also be provided for those wanting to do more with their children.

Lessons for PreK through eighth-grade will go out each week through the week May 18. High school students will be given specific lessons for their course.

Teachers have already started to reach out to students using social media and other electronic communications.

CCCHS band instructor Daniela Thrasher posted on the band’s Facebook page on March 18 she  will offer online lessons both as individual lessons or small groups and to  look out for the sign ups. They’ll use FaceTime, Google Hangout and/or zoom.  Thrasher encouraged families and students to “keep music alive in your homes.”

“I am still processing this new world that we find ourselves in. But no matter what’s been going on, trust that I am here for you,” Thrasher posted on March 18. We don’t know yet, how the rest of the semester will look like for music, yet I am convinced, we can keep it alive in your homes and in the community. If at any point you need us, Baeten and myself will be available.”

Garfield Elementary instructor Stef Lane, who was part of the statewide committee of teachers and education professionals who drafted the continuous learning guidelines for the rest of the semester, posted a YouTube video on March 17 explaining the situation her 19 students in “A message to Room 205.”

“Although we are changing the way our classroom looks, we are still a family and will continue this journey the rest of the year together,” Lane said in the video. “We will have opportunities to talk, exciting times to work on projects and even time for our mindfulness activities. Garfield is merely a building, but the relationships and learning we have built in that building will continue during this time.”

Lane encouraged her students to share their feelings about the situation with someone, and while the situation isn’t ideal, to stay positive.

“We have the opportunity to learn and grow in this unique situation, and let’s try to do so in a positive way,” she said in the nearly 2-minute video. “I will promise to do my best to keep you updated and I will miss you so much daily. “