Unofficial minutes of the November 16 Commission meeting


The Clay County Commissioners met for their regular meeting on November 16. According to the unofficial minutes of that meeting taken by County Clerk Kayla Wang:


Commissioner Thurlow, Commissioner Carlson, and Commissioner Mayo were present at a regular meeting beginning at 8:00 a.m. The minutes were approved as printed. Payroll in the amount of $187,255.79 was reviewed and approved by the Board. Account payables in the amount of $42,032.02 were reviewed and approved by the Board. 


Renee Langvardt, CCBA Officer, made a request in writing for funding in the amount of $5,000 to promote Clay County for Christmas. The Board contacted Ms. Langvardt by phone to get more information about this request. Ms. Langvardt stated of course, due to COVID-19, the Christmas season will look very different. So much emphasis has been placed on shopping local. CCBA has decided to promote the events that are happening here and letting the public know that we are taking their safety very seriously. There are still a few things that families can do safely and enjoy Christmas. CCBA will still do the postcard mailer to over 10 towns in and around Clay Center with the dates of different events for the Holiday Season. Commissioner Mayo made the motion to donate $5,000 out of the Economic Development Fund to CCBA for the promotion of shop local during the Holiday Season. Commissioner Carlson seconded and the motion passed unanimously. 


Bobby Shomper, Highway Administrator, met with the Board to give the weekly report. Last week the Department bladed roads, hauled rock, mowed roadsides, closed 9th Rd. between Cherokee Rd. and Elk Rd. for the removal of the old tube and the placement of a 6’x120’ new tube. Mr. Shomper has been communicating with Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks to work on the cleaning out of the ditches near the Broughton Bridge. Currently there is water that is standing in the ditches and then if it rains there is a chance that the road will need to be closed. Mr. Shomper is waiting for the approval in writing before they start this project. Mr. Shomper reported that they have purchased two tanks from Knox Sand in the amount of $8,500 each. This will be paid for out of the Road and Bridge Fund. Mr. Knox delivered them to the County yard last week. 


Rocky Cramer, EMS Director, met with the Board to give the weekly report. Mr. Cramer reported that the Department has been busy with taking transfers out of town. It is getting difficult for the Medical Center to find hospitals that are taking patients. Most of the hospitals are full or have a shortage of staff to care for the patients with the increase in positive COVID cases. Mr. Cramer informed the Board that Medic 3 lost tread off of a tire so he purchased two tires from Kansasland last week to replace the bad ones. 


Rhonda Carroll, Landfill Director, met with the Board to report that Gas City has started hauling contaminated dirt into the Landfill. Ms. Carroll has permission from KDHE to use this as cover dirt for the Landfill. The Board approved overtime for the Operator only on this project. 


Christine Swaim, County Treasurer, met with the Board to discuss personnel. Danielle Braun joined the meeting. Ms. Swaim asked to go into Executive Session. Commissioner Carlson made the motion to go into Executive Session under Personnel Exception for non-elected personnel for 15 beginning at 9:30 a.m. with Commissioner Thurlow, Commissioner Carlson, Commissioner Mayo, Christine Swaim, County Treasurer, Danielle Braun, and Kayla Wang, County Clerk present. The subject to be discussed is personnel. Commissioner Mayo seconded and the motion passed unanimously. The regular meeting reconvened at 9:45 a.m. with no action being taken during the session.


Pam Kemp, Emergency Manager, and Dana Rickley, County Health Director, met with the Board to give an update on the COVID-19 pandemic. The Board told Ms. Kemp that they thought the article that was published in the paper was very informative. Ms. Rickley stated that there was a large increase in positive cases over the weekend for Clay County. They are following 260 plus individuals for contact tracing and her staff is working long hours. Commissioner Thurlow asked Ms. Rickley to explain the process of the contact tracing and how the job is handled. Ms. Kemp stated that she hopes to continue providing information to help the public understand the process of the pandemic. 


Chuck Dunn, Sheriff, met with the Board to give the weekly report. Sheriff Dunn reported that the dish washer at the Law Enforcement Center stopped working. They purchased a new one at Wall’s True Value at an estimated cost of $700.


The Board received the burn permit from KDHE approving the open burn of trees and brush at the burn site located at the Clay County Park. 


The Clay County Businesses picked up the SPARK Grant funds that were awarded to each business that applied and was approved from 11:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. 


The Board adjourned at 12:30 p.m.