Sisters Susan Tiers and Annette Smith

A fund-raiser for Susan Tiers starts Thursday. She and her his sister, Annette Smith, are battling cancer.

Annette (Siebold) Smith and Susan (Siebold) Tiers are sisters who, along with their siblings Randy L. and Lana, grew up on a farm north of Clay Center. Their parents are Rita and the late Lanny Siebold. Being two years apart in age, Annette and Susan had the opportunity to participate in common activities together while attending CCCHS. Recently, they share something else in common. They were both diagnosed with breast cancer and are undergoing treatment.

Susan is married to Derrick, and they have three children. In the Fall, Ryan will be a junior at Fort Hays State University/NCK Tech Hays Campus, Ashlyn will be a junior at CCCHS and Ethan will be in the 7th grade at CCCMS. Derrick and Susan own their own business, Billiard Restoration Service. Susan works for the business and she enjoys substitute teaching at local preschools.