USD-379 Clay County School District

In a letter to parents and guardians posted Friday on the district’s Facebook page, USD-379 superintendent Brett Nelson said the Clay Center and Wakefield schools will begin virtual learning in a week on March 30.

“Our administrative staff has been working tirelessly this week building a framework that our certified staff will utilize when they come back from break to develop a comprehensive CLP (continuous learning plan) for your children to learn starting Monday, March 30th,” Nelson posted. “Our technology department has mobilized every mobile device in the district in a central location and are working day and night to prep them for distribution.”

A plan to distribute those devices will be announced soon by the district.

The food service program will begin distribution of over 500 meals to student starting today at 11 a.m. for every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Through curbside service, each child ages 1 to 18 will receive two breakfasts and two lunches on Monday and Wednesday and one of each on Friday.  These meals are free to every child, but they must present in the vehicle to receive them  Feeding sites include the following:

• Garfield Elementary, 815 4th St.

• Lincoln Elementary, 1020 Grant Ave.

• The Lodge at 301 Third St., Wakefield

• Morganville School, 307 Main St., Morganville

• Longford Methodist Church, 511 Kansas Ave, Longford

• Green City Park, 700 Dixon St., Green

Families also have the option to punch adults meals at the feeding site ($3.70 for each lunch and $2.20 for each breakfast). Fill out a new survey at

“I can’t thank the Clay County Community enough for their patience and grace as we enter these unchartered waters,” Nelson said.