October 17, 2021 


It was a cool sunny morning as we gathered at Countryside Bible Fellowship this week. We opened with the hymns “Change My Heart oh God”, “Lord I Lift Your Name on High”, “O Come O Come Emmanuel”, and “Great are You Lord”. The scripture reading was from 1st Peter 2:22-25 where the apostle speaks of how Jesus when he suffered and died, fulfilled the prophecies of the “suffering servant” from Isaiah chapter 53 and the “wound” or “piercing" from Genesis chapter 3 that the future son of Eve would receive that would fix all that went wrong in the garden of Eden and return us to the good Shepherd and eventually resurrected bodies similar to the one Jesus rose from the dead in on the day He returns in the clouds with glory and countless angels at His side. We continued in the "Dust to Glory" series by Dr. R.C. Sproul. This week he summarized the book of Danial. Danial was among one of the earlier waves of captives the Babylonians took to Babylon after the fall of Jerusalem in 586 B.C. Sproul noted from a big picture view of how Israel was sold into slavery by their crooked leaders was represented earlier in the single person of Joseph who was sold into slavery by his brothers. He summarized the most famous of the dreams that Danial interpreted for king Nebuchadnezzar where the king saw a statue with a golden head, silver arms and chest, bronze thighs, iron legs, and feet of half iron and half clay which Daniel informed the King represented 4 kingdoms that are to come after Babylon which was the head of gold. The following 3 kingdoms most historians believe were the Medo-Persians, Greeks, and the republic of Rome since Rome consisted of both weak and strong elements and divisions of power as most republics have. The separation of powers which republics have to provide a check on power is also hinted at in Danial 2:41 which says it will be a “divided kingdom”. For instance, our republic divides the monarchy into three distinct branches of government -- Legislative, Executive and Judicial. After this dream the king became full of his own virtue and strength and made all his subjects show submission to him by bowing down to golden image of himself. Danials 3 friends refused to follow the kings wicked mandate and so were thrown into a firey furnace which God rescues them out of causing the king to repent. Dr. Sproul briefly covered the second dream Danial interpreted for the King which ended in God causing the King to go insane and live out doors like a wild animal for not listening to His warning which again lead the king to repent and worship God. The last part of Danials story Sproul covered was the famous “writing on the wall” scene where Nebuchadnezzar’s son Belshazar, who managed Babylon’s fall to the Persians, sees God's finger writing on the wall of the banquet hall a message of warning in Hebrew which they are unable to read and call for Danial to interoperate it for them. We closed with Communion along with a reading from Pauls instructions to the Corinthians regarding Communion in 1 Corinthians 11 and the Hymn “Create in Me a Clean Heart”. We continue in prayer for our Nation that she would repent and turn to God — her foundation. May we not bow to wicked decrees and unconstitutional mandates even if it means a fiery furnace like Danials 3 friends received.