​​By Sheryl Gaines


The bell was rung to begin the Sunday, Sept. 5 worship service at Ebenezer United Methodist Church. Alvena Wilgers played a lovely piano prelude as the candles were lit. 

When the Rev. Lillian Flegle is on vacation, Keath Meyer will lead the service Sept. 12 for a two-part message geared toward youth. Roger Walls will lead worship Sept. 19. Meyer will return Sept. 26 for the second part of his message. He will also sing a music special. Everyone is welcome to join us for a potluck meal following the service. 

“He Lives!” was the hymn of greeting, with Rich Flegle leading the call to worship and “Apostles Creed.” “The Gloria Patri” was then sung.

The children’s moment involved pouring salt on a plate to represent man as the “salt of the earth.” Pepper was sprinkled on the salt representing Satan’s temptations peppered throughout our lives. A white spoon represented Jesus. The pastor explained that rubbing the spoon over her heart and on her head represented putting God’s Word into her head and heart. The static created draws the pepper away from the salt, symbolizing Jesus cleansing the dark places in our lives when we call on Him for help. His blood, shed for us, has a power that’s stronger than anything in this world so that we can overcome all temptation and sin in our lives. The lesson was closed with prayer. 

Prayers are requested for Meyer to find a job where he can work with youth.

Prayers were lifted up for those on our prayer list. 

Usher Michael Causey collected the morning tithes and offerings, and the “Doxology” was sung. 

“Happy Birthday” was sung to Ryker Perun, great-grandson of the Flegles, who joined the live-stream service. 

R. Flegle then read the Scripture lesson from Psalm 125:4-5 and Psalm 126.

“It’s Me O Lord’’ was the hymn of praise. 

“The New and Living Way” was the pastor’s message based on Hebrews 10:14-22. She also referenced Rev. 5:9, 7:13-14, and Hebrews 9:14. 

L. Flegle shared that on Monday night she received a message with a simple Scripture. After reading it in many translations, she felt the Holy Spirit’s presence and became increasingly excited as God’s message was being revealed. She said we are never too old to get excited and fired up by God’s Word and His blessings.

The pastor opened her message with the words from a Hank Williams’ song, “I Saw the Light.” The congregation felt the power of the words as they joined in singing along. 

She reflected on the combined service of the three sister churches at Green UMC Aug. 29. The minister cited Psalm 126:2 where they celebrated with laughter and joyful song as she revisited the joy and excitement of the Holy Spirit’s presence at the last service. There were laughter and smiles among the people as they felt the Holy Spirit’s presence and looked into each other’s eyes assuring one another that, “You are God’s special people.”

L. Flegle continued her message singing the words to the song “Pass It On,” and those present felt inspired to, again, join in the singing. 

The pastor shared her observation that there was an ember glowing in last Sunday’s service that needs to be fanned into a full-fledged flame so that we’re all “on fire for the Lord” in our faith, our church, and in our community service. 

The minister prayed the Holy Spirit comes alive during services as people focus on God’s message in the words spoken, sung and prayed. She encouraged all to raise their voices to the Lord so that God hears praise lifted up to Heaven. 

She also explained that sometimes God speaks to us quietly, in a whisper; so, we need to listen, stay alert and throw the doors open wide to let the Holy Spirit come alive in us! We can be excited and have joy as disciples for Jesus, knowing that we are completely free from sin. The new way of life that leads to everlasting life is following in Jesus Christ’s footsteps, and that should get us “fired up” for the Lord because he tore down the curtain that separated us from God. Now we have a direct connection to God and our salvation through his Son.

“Fill My Cup, Lord” was sung as the pastor prepared the table for communion. She was assisted by Connie Schurle and R. Flegle. Communion began with the sprinkling of Holy water over each congregant for spiritual cleansing as they came to the Lord’s Table.  The closing hymn, “We Are One in the Spirit,” was sung, followed by the benediction.

Ebenezer has a warm and welcoming congregation. Please come join us at 11 a.m. each Sunday or join us in the livestream service on our Facebook page (look for the Ebenezer page with three crosses in the picture). Feel free to greet us on the livestream, also.